We play for you!

If you manage a big enterprise, a big school or a university, a syndicate, a hospital, a town … Does it sometimes happen that you wish to organize a beautiful celebration?
We can play for you!

The changing formation of the orchestra allows us to adapt to different needs: chamber music, opera in the orchestra pit, oratorio, formation to accompany ballet or film, performance of big works from our repertoire as well as find new ways to discover new ideas … the orchestra can become the partner of your project.
We even have a program with variations on “Happy Birthday to you”!

If your enterprise desires to support us: the association Les Musiciens d’Europe, which is the patron of our orchestra, needs you!
If you wish to become a friend of the orchestra, there are many possibilities to help us: the smallest financial help is welcome, but perhaps you would like to become a voluntary member of our team?
A warm welcome awaits you!

In all of these cases: Contact us!