The musicians

Because of the different nationalities of the musicians and the concerts given in various countries (even in India!) the orchestra has a European dimension. The orchestra consists of musicians from France, but also from Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, England, Holland, Italy, Spain and lots of other countries. The cultural mixture is the main point and the rich variety of the orchestra, musically as well as in human terms.

The requested level of the orchestra is very high. The musician must be able to play difficult pieces and have enough orchestral experience to attain togetherness and quickly follow the demands of the conductor in order to reach a high standard.

Nonetheless, the profiles are different. Some are experienced professionals who look for unusual programs. Others are retired professionals from renowned orchestras (Orchestre de Paris etc.) who wish to relive emotions from their previous professional playing. Others are students from Music Academies who wish to study music as their profession; and last but not least, good amateurs who come to play out of passion and wish to feel the adrenalin of the boost of playing alongside professionals.

Thus the variety of profiles inspires a real exchange among the musicians. The older professionals can share their experience with the younger ones and therefore expand their environment. The professionals stimulate the amateurs. The amateurs contribute their own vision of music, pure pleasure, and their experience in other fields. All this provides the orchestra with a unique character, in general human and individual terms, which enhances the final result.